Rule Terms

Regular Season: Every non-development game before the playoffs is a regular season game.
Match round: A set of either development or regular matches comprise a round. Development week 1 is considered a match round. Regular week 1 is a separate match round.
Match day: The two match rounds (development and regular) together are termed as a match day.

The Point System

Development Matches

Map win = 1.5pts
Map loss = 0pts
Map forfeit = -0.5pts

Regular Matches

Map win = 3pts
Map loss = 0 pts
Map forfeit = -1pts

Domination Point Splits

Domination maps will always have a winner. The winner of a map is the team that is declared as the winner on the end game screenshot even if the scores listed are currently tied.

Group position Tiebreakers

Move down the list until a tiebreaker is found that separates all tied teams.
  • Highest amount of points
  • Head to Head
  • - Most match wins in matches between any tied teams
    - Most points in matches between the tied teams
    - Fewest points against in matches between the tied teams
  • Fewest maps forfeited
  • Total map wins
  • Net Map wins (Sum of Map Wins minus Sum of Map Losses)
  • Regular season net points
  • Regular season points for
  • Dev season net points
  • Dev season points for
  • Coin toss

Team Requirements

  • A team must have 8 eligible players and be below or equal to the season salary cap of $6500 at all times.
  • Teams must have 4 eligible players to start the match, X v 4 is only acceptable after 4 eligible players have clicked and started the match.

Player Requirements

  • Players who sign up with full availability are required to show up for at least 2 out of the 3 regular season group stage matches. Players who fail to do this will be eligible to compete in the playoffs at the discretion of their captain. However, they will receive a full season ban for as a bare minimum the next major OwnedWell league (iCTF). They will also be banned from participating in any intermediate events between this season and the next iCTF season and may (at the admins discretion) be banned for further seasons, tournaments or from pugging.
  • If a player becomes aware that he will be unable to show for a match, he is obliged to let his captain know via whatever means of contact he has available to him. Players who can not show due to unforeseen circumstances but keep their captains informed will be treated with leniency. Conversely, players who do not show and do not give their captains any notice about it will be punished severely.
  • A player may not play for two different teams during the same match round. I.e. you can not play 2+ development games in the same weekend, or 2+ regular games in the same weekend. It IS permitted to play for a different team in a regular match to the team you played for in a development match on the same weekend.


  • Players who sign up with partial availability are not bound by point i) of 'Player Requirements' above, they are free to show up as often or as little as they like.
  • Players who sign up with partial availability and are considered starters will be termed 'Mercenaries'. All players who are considered starters listed on the League sign up page with 'partial' availability at the time of the draft are bound by these restrictions whether they were aware of them or not. The line at which players are deemed to be starters or not will be determined by the admin team prior to the draft.
  • Mercenaries are ineligible to play in any playoff game.
  • Mercenaries may only be picked up if one of the two requirements is met:
  • - The player who is dropped is the highest ranked player on the team.
    - The player who is dropped has a higher or equal salary to the mercenary who is being picked up.
  • They may participate in both regular and development games during the group stage. However, mercenaries can only play one reg game and one dev game on any match day. That is to say, a captain is not permitted to reschedule games such that he can use one protected drop and have a mercenary available to play for him for multiple reg games or multiple dev games.
  • Mercenaries will not be available in the draft bot during the draft in order to avoid a situation where they are highest available salary auto-picked.

Openness about availability

  • Players are expected to be open about their availability to all captains at all times prior to the draft. The information that you give to all captains should be consistent. Do not tell one captain not to draft you because you're playing badly and then try and sell yourself to another captain. It is not permitted to refuse to acknowledge or respond to a captain because you do not wish to play for them - players who do this will be banned from future seasons.
  • During the draft, if you are around, you must be open and honest to all players who pm you enquiring about your availability. Even if a captain is trying to ascertain your availability
  • during the draft, you should be open up until the point that you are drafted - even if another captain has promised to pick you in a later round.
  • If at any point during the season you find yourself on the free agent list, the same rules apply. You are required to be honest to all captains who enquire as to your availability. Telling one captain that you can't play only to show for another is severely frowned upon.
  • Players who lie about their availability to captains are liable to receive punishment for this in the current or future seasons - at the admins discretion depending on when the information comes to light.

Match Requirements

The Development Match

Of a teams top 4 ranked players (by salary) a maximum of 2 are eligible to play in development matches. The remaining players must be composed of bench players (2).

The Regular Match

All of a teams players are eligible to play in the regular match.

Color Selection

Teams have color preference on their opponents map picks. Color choice on the third map is determined by the following tiebreakers:
  • Net points in the current match.
  • Net positive points in the current match.
  • The team who are listed first on the schedule

Map Selection



Map Selection System

Captains will enter their chosen map for the weeks game by 23:59pm EST on the Wednesday before their match. Development and Regular map choices are independent of each other. Teams may only pick the same map once in regular group games and once in development group games.


All matches in the group stage are best of 3 maps. In the event of a tiebreaker being needed, they will be the following:
  • Week 1: sDOM-RankinXLE15
  • Week 2: sDOM-BloodRunLE15
  • Week 3: sDOM-MountainManLE15

Regular season

Regular season matches are best of 3 maps. The match will end at the point at which either team has exactly 2 map wins.

Development Matches

Development matches are best of 3 maps.


From the semi finals onwards, playoff games are best of 5. The match will stop at the point at which one team reaches exactly 3 map wins. If a tiebreaker is required, captains will follow a map elimination process on IRC until one map remains. The team who chooses which team picks first is deduced by the following tiebreakers:
  • Net points in the current match.
  • Net positive points in the current match.
  • Highest seeded team
  • Coin Flip

Captain Tools


Autopause will be used for sDOM season.


A team is allowed eight transactions every week with the counter resetting Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. Inactivity and protected drops are considered transactions.
  • All rosters are locked at the scheduled match time unless the opposing team gives permission to make a trade.
  • Teams may only make upto 8 transactions per week.
  • All rosters are locked when a team is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. For the purposes of determining a teams mathematical elimination, it will be assumed that no team in the competition will forfeit any remaining matches. Admins have the ability to prevent trades if team dumping is suspected.
  • All rosters are locked in the playoffs.

Protected Drop

A team can safely drop one of their players into the free agent pool for 48 hours without another team being able to pick them up. After the 48 hours expire, the protection will be revoked and the player will be made available to all captains.
  • A team will be given only ONE protected drop for the regular season.
  • Protected drops expire at the end of the group stage, and can not be used in playoffs as the rosters are fully locked.
  • Teams may protected drop their captain - this counts as their one protected drop for the season. They may only protected drop their captain at a date and time where by which he will be added back to their team by the end of the match day he is missing from. Captain protected drops will automatically expire at the end of the 48 hour period, but may be reset earlier if required. The only way that is is permitted to drop your captain is with a protected drop - a captain is unable to be traded in any other way (with the exception of 'Holding out' section).

Server Selection

All matches must be played on properly setup OwnedWell sanctioned servers. Admins will assign a server however a captain can voice a preference. It will not always be possible for any preference shown to be adhered to. In order for a server that is not based in New York to be used, both captains must agree.

Acts of God

Server Crash

In the event that a server crashes, the server will be reset and the time will be rounded up to the nearest minute.

Gameplay Restrictions

Frog Jumping/Bouncing

  • If a player accidentally or intentionally bounces, they must suicide within 3 seconds and not kill anyone. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit loss.
  • If a player bounces in order to get a powerup (such as damage amp on CampGrounds), they will forfeit the map.

Spawning during countdown

  • If a player encounters the newnet bug where by they spawn during the countdown, they must not take any powerups or take any control points. If a player does either accidentally, they must inform the other team immediately so that the map can be restarted.

Lamer/Flamer Rules

Inactivity Rule

  • The only players that will be eligible for inactivity measures are starters. This means that you can't place any lower tiered players on inactivity.
  • A player must miss two consecutive matches (not including development games). At the end of the second match, the player will be eligible for inactivity.
  • If a player is dropped into the inactivity pool, they will have their salary increased by a 50% penalty. The team that originally placed them on inactivity will be able to pick them up for the original price however a new team would have to pay the premium.
  • A protected drop will reset the inactivity match tally.
  • Admins can freeze/remove players who will not be participating in the season.

No-show Rule

  • The only players that will be eligible for no-show measures are starters.
  • If prior to the commencement of a regular game a captain has a player who has either declared himself unavailable or has failed to show for his team for the 2nd occasion, that captain may invoke the no show rule on that player.
  • That player will be removed from the league. That player is no longer able to play for any team in the tournament, including the team which dropped the player.
  • After invoking this rule, captains have no capacity to reverse it and must therefore be absolutely certain that the player will not be showing before using it. They are advised to wait until as late as possible before invoking this rule.
  • Players who no-show their team mates will be punished considerably less should they go to the effort to inform their captain ahead of time that they are unable to make a match. This will be taken into account by admins when considering any further punishments.

Aliasing in matches to pass yourself off as someone else

Offenders and players proven to have knowledge of the aliasing will be punished. The offending parties will be removed from the current league, banned from the next season and banned from #iPug for 6 weeks. This is firm and it will be enforced.


All teams are required to use the GlobalUnreal teamspeak unless an exception is granted by an admin.

Holding out

If a player publicly holds out on a team, they will be removed from the current league (a replacement player will be searched for), banned from the next season and banned from #iPug for 4 weeks.


Any player caught cheating will be banned for a period of 4 calendar years from the date that they were caught in accordance with the OwnedWell UT99 cheat policy.


A team is not allowed to exploit any game-related glitches and it may result in the forfeit loss of a map. Glitches include but are not limited to:
  • Binding movements like thrusts to other keys is outlawed.
  • Hiding in glitches/bugged solid materials is illegal.
  • Holding walk in order to stand on areas where a player pawn can not legally stand without it - such as the flagroom in CTF-BrokenLimits

For the avoidance of doubt; shooting through holes in glass/grates is permitted.


All players will be required to demo all maps. This applies whether you are a $1500 player or a $100 player. There is no valid excuse for not recording a demo of your game - if you don't know how to do it or yours is 'broken' then contact an admin or your captain. A player must hold on to their demos for the duration of the entire season, up until two weeks after their team has played their last game.
  • A team may request a maximum of 1 demo from the opposing team (all requests must be justified and approved by an admin not involved in the match).
  • An admin not participating in the match has the right to request as many demos as they want.
  • Cheating accusations will be reviewed and ruled on by an anti-cheat team.
  • Admins may request that a player uploads all demos for the entire duration of the season.

Team Expectations

Match Punctuality

  • A team must have their entire team in the server and clicked in to be eligible to start the timer. Once they have done this, the opposing team has 2 minutes to click in before they forfeit the map.
  • The timer for map 1 is only eligible to be started from 5 minutes after the match start time stated on the schedule page and must then run uninterrupted for 2 minutes.
  • The timer for map 2 is eligible to be started from 5 minutes after the map has been switched.
  • If any member of the team who instigated the timer disconnects from the server, the timer will reset.
  • The timer will be paused once the map countdown begins, but in the event of a player disconnecting will resume at where it left off in the case of the team last to click in or start at 2 minutes in the case of the team first to click in.


  • A player may not spam a non-teamsay bind during a match. Players who do this will be warned to cease, and players who continue will be forfeited and/or banned.
  • Racism will not be tolerated. If a player makes racist remarks in-game, the player in question will be warned and then suspended for future incidents.


  • Teams are allowed to reschedule their matches by agreement with opposing captains.
  • After agreeing to reschedule a game, both teams must inform an admin and he will change it on the schedule. Both captains should do this for each time the match time changes.
  • Matches may be rescheduled to before or after their original date/time, however the latest that players can reschedule games for is prior to the commencement of the dev games of the last round of the group stage.
  • It goes without saying that you can not reschedule a game so that it will potentially overlap with any of your other games, unless you have gained prior agreement for this from the captain of the team that may be kept waiting.
  • If a playoff match is rescheduled it must be played at a time such that it will not delay any further rounds of the playoffs, and must be agreed with the admins.
  • Rescheduling is solely down to the captains. Admins will not get involved and force reschedules upon any captain or team.
  • As an exception to the above rule, on occasion a match week falls on a weekend where a major event is taking place and it becomes apparent that a large number of players will miss the game week. Admins may offer all captains a free reschedule which does not require both captains to be in agreement to take place. Where ever possible admins will endeavor to inform all captains of this as soon as possible - however it may not always be possible to do so prior to a league starting due to unforeseen circumstances.



The only people allowed to spectate matches are OwnedWell admins and members of the stream team. It goes without saying that if someone is spectating, they are not allowed to have any communications with the teams that are playing.


Admins will use or set precedents for topics not covered in this rule page.

Admins have the right to change rules and address hot topics that come up.

The admin staff will stick to this ruleset unless any major controversy arises. In the event that one arises, the admins hold the right to use their discretion to create/revise rules.