Owned Well Edition
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Owned Well Edition

Visualisation of data for DOM, DM, CTF (Added by killereye)
Amazing new theme & sexy styling (Added by HULKSMASH)

High Charts - the graphs that made it possible to visualise the data for DOM, DM, CTF.
Tooltipster - the tooltips used everywhere except the graphs
Yummygum Iconsweets - a few icons came from this awesome set that is free.
Weapon Icons - the weapons icons used are a combination of both DarkAp89 & piemo's designs.

Bug reports or requests
Bug reports - please post any bugs you encounter
Feature requests - have an idea or suggestion? Post it and we may be able to implement it!

The wonderful Owned Well community - <3


UTStats was developed by azazel, AnthraX, PJMODOS and toa.
All original pages are W3C HTML 4.01 and CSS compliant

Change Log (click to show/hide)

To Do List

Centralise stats
Web based installer
Other Anticheat log parser. (UTPure, EUT, etc..)
Multi language support
Add sftp support
Add siege support
Wins/Losses to the Career summary
Killgraph as in utstatsdb


Epic for making a game that we still play
kostaki for the database pointers, scoring system and the inzane public servers :)
Limited for the late night sesions, the linux script and the original zero_out function
L0cky and Flash for the original FTP Script
Loph for the 6 different reports o/
Rush for the improved linux script, testing, suggestions and bug finding
TNSe for being TNSe
Truff for testing, suggestions and constant bug finding
Truff Community for testing, suggestions and input testers and suggesters

Copyright Notices

Copyright (C) 2004/2005 UTStats

This program is free software; you can redistribute and/or modify
it under the terms of the Open Unreal Mod License.

If you do make any changes, fixes or updates posting them on the
forum would be appreciated.

UT Query PHP script v1.01 by Almar Joling, 2003

pemftp Class by Alexey Dotsenko <alex at paneuromedia dot com>

GeoLite data created by MaxMind
Available from

overLIB by Erik Bosrup