#iPug Community Rules and Expectations (8/17/2015)

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#iPug Community Rules and Expectations (8/17/2015)

Postby PACO » Mon Aug 17, 2015 12:47 pm


The #iPug ruleset is getting a complete revamp. As of August 8/11/15, these are the new and official rules for the channel.

If you sign up to captain or are assigned to captain by the bot, you are expected to stick it through the picking order and create teams for the pick-up-game. Idle captains will be banned automatically by the bot however captains who fake being idle can have their ban time extended by admins.

Red Captain is expected to pick the server immediately after the picking has concluded. If the red captain fails to pick a server within 60 seconds of the pickup ending, server selection will be first come first serve by whoever picks an #iPug sanctioned server for the game.

Blue Captain is expected to pick their map by the 6 minute mark after the picking has concluded. If the blue team fails to pick a map withing that timeframe, red will be afforded both map picks in the pug.

Captains are responsible for assigning positions in a pug. In a game of CTF, captains will typically assign 3 offense and 2 defense. Assigning combinations of 3-4-5 D or 5 O is not an acceptable starting strategy. 5 O is acceptable in desperation modes at the end of games and additional defenders is only acceptable when the opposing team is sending more than 3 offensive players. If a captain assigns more than 2 D or fails to assign positions at all, they will be banned. If a player refuses to play an assigned position by their captain, they will serve a ban.

Captains are also responsible for assigning players to idle during player drops. If a captain does not assign anyone to idle, they will receive a ban. If a captain assigns a player and the player does not listen, the player will serve the ban. Teams that need an idle are required to spam a minimum of five times asking for a player to sit.

Captains are encouraged to pick fair teams. No one signs up to play a lopsided pickup game. Admins will monitor pugs and if they deem the captains to be completely unacceptable (eg. Hatchet vs b0w0w), they will reset the bot. If an admin is not present, we expect the players to even the teams up as much as possible.

In addition to picking fair teams, we expect the captains to make trades if the first map it is a complete blowout and the losing team is seeking reprieve from the second map. If the captain of the winning team fails to bargain in good faith with the opposing captain and the second map is also a blowout, admins will use their judgement on whether to assign a ban or not.

Players are expected to show up on time and stay for the duration of the pickup game. The current timelimit for joining the server is 8 minutes. Players who fail to join the server and click in within 8 minutes will be banned.

8.5-10 minutes = 2 hour ban.
10-12 minutes = 4 hour ban.
12-15 minutes = 12 hour ban.
15+ minutes = 24 hour ban.

Repeat offenders will see their ban time increase. The above ranges are a suggestion for ban-times to expect when showing up late for a game. Admins can and will use discretion.

Completing a pug is expected from the second the pug fills. If a player requires a sub for a valid reason*, they are expected to go on IRC and seek one out. Subs must be in a similar skill range and not wildly skew the balance of the pug. If a player fails to find a sub, they will be banned for a day for abandoning the pug. If a player finds a sub, they will be free to exit the game with no reprecussions.

*Subbing out because you do not like a map is NOT a valid reason.

If a player leaves the game 15-20 seconds early in a no hope game, that will be frowned upon but not banned. If a player leaves with a few minutes left on the clock, they will be banned.

All players that signup for team pugs are expected to use TeamSpeak. If you do not have it installed, download it here:

Players are expected to use microphones to relay communications. In the event that they are unable to use a microphone, they are required to use binds in game, such as: LEFT, RIGHT, EFC IS HERE etc. so that their lack of a microphone is not completely detrimental to the team. Failure to use a microphone or binds will result in a ban. In addition to in-game requirements, they must also tag up during the pug process and inform the players that they will be unable to use a microphone.

The only exemption to this rule is PJF styled iTDM - 2v2v2v2. TeamSpeak is not required for this gametype.

Laming, laming, laming.. It can happen anywhere but it is most prevalent in Capture the Flag. In a perfect world, there are no restrictions on how people can play the game however iCTF is fundamentally flawed and we need rules in place to make it bearable. The trouble with "laming" is that it is incredibly difficult for admins to enforce without watching demos and spectating games live. Before we get into what we can do about it, we need to ask ourselves.. what is laming?

-Boosting your teammates multiple times without their consent to frustrate them.
-Constant backshooting in CTF. Not just a backshot here and there but going out of your way to make the game unpleasant.
-Chasing. Similar to backshooting, the occasional chase is fine if your D is crying for help but doing it all game is a big no no.
-Being disruptive on TeamSpeak.
-Intentionally sabotaging your own team.
-Abusing glitches like frog hops or boosting flags to irretrievable locations. (iTDM 2v2v2v2 is exempted from this rule and a player suiciding after an accidental bounce is fine).

If you believe that any of the above happened, reach out to an admin. Multiple complaints about the same person will add credibility to your case. If you believe someone lamed you, make a small video with 5 or 6 sequences and admins will issue a 48 hour ban. If you are "currently" being lamed, do not return the favor and instead message an admin on IRC to come and spectate the infraction. Do not send admins demos and expect them to watch 20 minutes worth of UT to deduce if you have been lamed. If it was a rare occurrence, watching a demo would be feasible however admins value their time and simply cannot spend all of their free time watching demos.

#iPug is extremely chaotic when it is active and it can be very easy to miss lines of text. If people have pug complaints, they are expected to reach admins in #iPugbans. A saner way to communicate.

Repeat offenders of the laming rules can expect to see their bans double over time. Keep it clean and keep it fun.

Playing in any OwnedWell sanctioned channels is a privilege and not a right. Respect the rules, respect the admins and respect the players within the community. If you are unable to abide by these three simple requests, you will be unable to participate in the community.

This is a community. Treat your fellow members with respect.

-Be helpful.
-Make games enjoyable.
-Welcome new players.
-Abide by the rules.

-Be racist or promote hateful speech.
-Be toxic.
-Make things personal.
-Post pornography or NSFL content.
-Harass members of the community publicly or privately.
-Promote elitism and talk down to players.
-Break rules.

If members of the community are victims of harassment, the admins would like to know about it so that they can deal with it. Admins will be on alert for obvious infractions however at times it can be difficult to distinguish palling around vs real abuse. This is online video-gaming. Trash talking is expected and can be half of the fun however there are limits as to what will be tolerated.

Complete and unimpeded free speech does not exist in #iPug. There are rules and there are limits for what will be tolerated. Please operate within an acceptable range.

These rules will expand and be modified as topics are brought to our attention. Ops will use these rules as a guideline for how to mediate and administrate the channel. In addition, just because something isn't in the rules doesn't mean it is fair-game. Admins will use their judgement and exercise discretion in evolving situations.
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Re: #iPug Community Rules and Expectations (8/17/2015)

Postby Zac » Mon Aug 17, 2015 1:12 pm

clean and thorough, nice write up

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Re: #iPug Community Rules and Expectations (8/17/2015)

Postby ScReaM » Mon Aug 17, 2015 1:34 pm

nice :)
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Re: #iPug Community Rules and Expectations (8/17/2015)

Postby Darkside » Mon Aug 17, 2015 2:44 pm


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Re: #iPug Community Rules and Expectations (8/17/2015)

Postby Lineage » Mon Aug 17, 2015 7:26 pm

"Keep it clean and keep it fun."

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Re: #iPug Community Rules and Expectations (8/17/2015)

Postby bug » Tue Aug 18, 2015 8:27 am

so no changes to liftcamping / liftlaming in liftbased mods such as domination?
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Re: #iPug Community Rules and Expectations (8/17/2015)

Postby PACO » Tue Aug 18, 2015 12:16 pm

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Re: #iPug Community Rules and Expectations (8/17/2015)

Postby Xenoscythe » Wed Aug 19, 2015 6:45 pm

Excellent job :OWgrinsgasm:
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