Another example of blatant admin abuse

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Re: Another example of blatant admin abuse

Postby Hermione » Mon Dec 29, 2014 2:12 pm

rev wrote:Herimione, you are a troll. Your name is a troll. Your personality is a troll. I've heard you say you switch your name to things like "little princess" so that you can troll other people when they say it.. If your complete persona is trolling and trying to get people upset, not only are you a piece of shit, but other people are not going to like you and treat you as such. You should never be complaining about how other people treat you until you stop acting how you act. It's self inflicted.

I told you I am a troll, im a nice troll, everyone knows that, every community has a few trolls. And yea i use some weird names while pugging because i find it hilarious when grown mans say "little princess going right, left etcc" and using the name. I doubt using names like princess etc.. gets anyone butthurt. But as far as disrespect goes, i dont call anyone names or swear at them unless they do it to me first, its quite obvious if i was a menace to ipug or anything i would of been banned long ago by PACO. I just idle on ipug most days and play pugs with everyone, i follow the rules and have a meaningful conversation when im not busy most of the time. If you ask them to check when last i was banned for breaking the rules, like coming late for a pug, rage quitting, no show etc.. they would have to go very far back to look for those logs, maybe years ago. So in conclusion as you can see, i am friendly troll. But if me using a girly name bothers you, then you sir are the real clown troll. :lol:
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Re: Another example of blatant admin abuse

Postby Zac » Mon Dec 29, 2014 2:45 pm

Do we really need 3 pages of this?
milen: fleece i piss on you
milen: who else is admin here
Cella: I am.
milen: i piss on you too

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Re: Another example of blatant admin abuse

Postby blade » Mon Dec 29, 2014 3:21 pm

I will gladly discuss the philosophy as it is right up my alley.

THEINCREDIBLEPACO wrote:I've taken a lot of verbal abuse and I've also shelled out my fair share. A lot less these days but I'm no stranger to talking shit over the internet. Some people can handle it, others can't. Just because someone can handle it doesn't make it acceptable and turning a blind eye to disgraceful conduct is a one way street to a bad place. This isn't about thin vs thick skin, this is about creating standards and making a friendly enough environment.

I believe we have different definitions of accepting something. You consider it turning a blind eye, but I already said that I do not condone it. You think I condone the things people like Nuke have said over the years? Accepting something is not only doing nothing about it but also assenting to that sort of behavior. I would never say do nothing about it or even to approve such a behavior.

No, never turn a blind eye, but it also does not mean get the ban gun out as THE reason to ban if somebody called you a “stupid fuck”. Racism in a public forum is one thing but simple cursing is a different animal. I understand that you do not want racism in public as you have no idea who will get upset by it, but I see a difference between that and cursing somebody out.

Bad publicity will push potential sponsors/partners away because I guarantee you they will look at these forums first to get a feel for the people of the community & issues.

To generate revenue, this place would need to grow immensely. If it grows immensely, there will be an even bigger circus. That is why it is extremely important to build a stable foundation from the beginning and make it abundantly clear what the expectations are for the community. No racism, no excessive harassment, no toxic behavior.
You think a sponsor wants to get behind people who call others "sand n*gger monkeys"? Just because you yourself are able to brush it off, doesn't mean it's acceptable and doesn't mean that we will allow it.
People get banned. People lose sponsorships. Any respectable organization does not ascribe to the mantra: it's just the internet. That view is dated and a lot of people are struggling to come to terms with it.

Let me tell you the mistake I made. I brought up racism as an example, which was a bad example as there was no racism involved here. Now, others will focus on that example. My only intention for that example was to show that even extreme ignorance can be overcome if people wanted to. I don’t expect everyone to be that thick-skinned though as I am asking for too much. I will pull back this example; if you want, we can discuss this further in mirc as I did with grin in past.

Heltah’s goal was to start a conversation on some admins overstepping their bounds.

If we focus on this issue as it concerns flowX, it clearly speaks of an admin overstepping his bounds for being called a “stupid fuck” (no racism here) after he refused to reset a pug with uneven teams. It exacerbates further when you consider the fact that there is hypocrisy if you read blackout’s logs. When the teams went in his favor, he refused to reset a pug. When they did not go in his favor, he instantly reset the pug. Is this not the sort admin behavior you tried to get away from in previous communities? You can speak all you want about players being out of line – I agree, I have been an UT admin before, and I have been around this community since 01. People have gotten out of line very often & act like immature kids, but how do you deal with an unruly kid? Do you slap her in the face or take her aside & warn her to cut it out? The latter works better in the long run.

If flowx made a mistake, okay understood. It happens. Lets move on.
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Re: Another example of blatant admin abuse

Postby RickJames » Mon Dec 29, 2014 3:23 pm

Zac wrote:Do we really need 3 pages of this?


PACO, flowX, and Nick's posts were correct, rest of the thread is QQ and stupidity.
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Re: Another example of blatant admin abuse

Postby cyraX » Tue Dec 30, 2014 5:37 pm

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