[iCTF.I] Guide: New to draft league

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[iCTF.I] Guide: New to draft league

Postby ulo » Thu Oct 23, 2014 9:18 am


We are happy you have chosen to check in and are interested in our iCTF league. If you still unsure about how it works and how you sign up - this post is for you. Here you find all the information you need to understand how our league works and how to get in on the action!

I'm not very good, can I still play?:
Of course you can play! Anybody who can play UT, can sign up. To give the lower skilled players a chance to play we have created something called 'development matches', where the majority of the players are lower skilled players, aided by 2 high skilled players. This means there's room for even lower skilled players to get into the competitive scene and perhaps even pick up some new things on the way! Development matches are played in the 'group stages' - the first three weeks.

How do I join:
First you will need to sign up. You can do this by going to: http://www.ownedwell.com/ictf/index.php and filling out the form. There you fill in:
  • Your availability. Full means your able to play at least 2/3 games. Match times are at the bottom of this post so if you're unsure when the matches are scroll down. Partial means you're not sure you can make at least 2 of the 3 group stage weeks.
  • If you want to captain. If you feel like you have experience to lead a team you might want to sign Yes on captain, else keep it at No and sign up as a regular player (the majority does).
  • Position lets captains know what you prefer to play - offence or defence. If you don't care much about it fill in "All".
  • (Optional) Comment about your availability. E.g. If you know in advance you'll miss a match because it's your birthday, or work till 4:30 PM EST.
Now click sign up, and you're signed up!

If you want to see who else is you can do that by clicking "view players" in the upper right corner.

What is a draft league:

Clueless as to what a draft league is? Let me explain.

You've just signed up. When the sign-ups close all players who signed up will be given a salary. For iCTF they range from 100 to 1500 where 1500 is given to most skilled player and then in descending order to all players. This salary will be what captains 'pay' for each player during the draft.

This is not a clan based system so for each league new teams are formed. Who is on what team is determined in the draft. In this case it will be held on 2 November 2014. Here all captains pick their players, working with a similar budget. This means that each team is more or less equal, making it more exciting than uneven clans.
Picking order is based on salary left - the captain with the most money left is allowed to pick first.

In the first round each captain pays what they are worth themselves. Then the lowest salary captain gets to pick first. Then going upwards on captain salary they pick their first player. For second round you sum up each captain with the player they picked first round. The captain with lowest total salary spent now picks first. And so it goes on each round until each captain has the amount of players that each team should have (usually 10 for iCTF).

The draft happens on IRC in the #ownedwell channel. This is to give you an idea of what it looks like (but in the example only ulo is picking as it's for demonstration purposes only):
  • When the draft starts you can see that the bot tells everyone that the captains have been bought. This is automated and programmed into the bot beforehand.
  • After this the bot gives the pick order for second round. This is based on the captains salary since they have bought themselves in first round.
  • I now give the bot the command .range 1300-1500 and it gives back a list of all players from 1300-1500$ in descending order. This is done to see what players are available for picking.
  • After this the captains start picking. When a captain have picked a player it tells everyone the amount of salary that captain has for next round and the next captain to pick and what he can spend.
  • When the last captain have picked his player the bot tells us each team and their total salary. It also as at the start of round two tells pick order for next round and what each captain can spend.

Due to the budget, a captain will not just be able to pick the highest rated players - instead he/she will end up with a well rounded team.

Woo I was picked, what now?:
Congratulations! Now get on IRC and join your teams' IRC channel! (They ordinarily post team information such as name and channel on the forums after the draft).
You will be able to check the 'Schedule' section on the website (http://www.ownedwell.com) once the season starts to see when your matches are.

Showing for matches
If you are lower salaried player you will most likely be playing the development matches, so make sure to be online 15 mins before your development match starts so your team knows you're able to play and the captain can get organised.
Higher salaried players are eligible to play in both regular and development matches, so

What if I can't make a match?
It is considered good practice to let your captain know if you can't make a match in advance - so before the match actually starts. You can let the captain know on IRC, send a PM on the forum, or on Whatsapp if you exchanged numbers/made a Whatsapp team group. Just give your team a heads up so they can find someone else to play. If they can't find a substitution in time you might be the reason your team has to forfeit the match and they lose points!

I didn't get picked, what now?:

People who aren't on a team are called Free Agents. Captains can still pick up these players by trading someone on their own team. Often captains will make trades (for example, if their team members don't show up for a match). You still have a big chance to end up on a team if you're active and show you want to play.

If you have not played pick up games (pugs) in #ipug yet you should read this introduction on how to join IRC and get playing. The more you show that you're active and want to play, the more captains will notice you and the more likely there is that you will be picked up.

Making your presence noticed during a match day in #ipug, simply by saying "I can play tonight" or adding [FA] (Free Agent) to your name also drastically increases your chances of getting to be picked up and play and perhaps even get to stay with the team for the rest of the season.

Match times:

Play off stages:
Final: Sunday 14th December
Semi: Sunday 7th December
Quarter Final: Sunday 30th November

Group stages:
Week 3 group: Sunday 23rd November
Week 2 group: Sunday 16th November
Week 1 group: Sunday 9th November

The games are played at those dates on these times:

Development Matches: 2:00 / 2.30 PM EST
Regular Matches: 4:00 PM / 5:00 PM / 5:30 PM EST


If you have any questions we are more than happy to answer them. You can freely message any of us or respond to this topic on the forum. Don't be afraid we are more then happy to help any new players and I assure you we do not bite. Also remember there is no such thing as a stupid question! We'll try improving this guide if there's any questions left unanswered.

Hope to see you playing in the league soon!
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Re: [iCTF.I] Guide: New to draft league

Postby HuggleMonster » Thu Oct 23, 2014 9:33 am

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Re: [iCTF.I] Guide: New to draft league

Postby PACO » Thu Oct 23, 2014 12:18 pm

Great post. I'd love to see people posting it in other IRC channels and explaining to friends/people unfamiliar with the format, how it all works.
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Re: [iCTF.I] Guide: New to draft league

Postby massie » Thu Oct 23, 2014 2:23 pm

nice post man!!
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