PassionateGaming - iCTF DRAFT II

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PassionateGaming - iCTF DRAFT II

Postby WeeDMaN » Sun Jan 07, 2018 2:16 am

Ladies & gentleman PassionateGaming is launching yet another year of the biggest event the iCTF DRAFT II. Following on from the successful iDOM DRAFT PassionateGaming opens the iCTF DRAFT - II doors for sign ups. Players of all skills are welcome, whether you are a seasoned pro or completely new to the game! Last years iCTF DRAFT season winner was DmK|! We already have 73 sign-ups, but theirs only 2 weeks left so hurry up before your too late to sign-up!

PassionateGaming would also like to introduce our iCTF DRAFT II - Promotion Video created by z3r0^!

phpBB [video]

Sign-Up Form:
iCTF Rules:
iCTF Schedule:
Signed-Up Players:

If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints regarding our cup please goto one of our iCTF Staff members listed below!

Cup Team
Pick-Up Admins

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