UT4 and the potential for ut99

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UT4 and the potential for ut99

Postby Junkyardboy » Tue Apr 19, 2016 11:41 am

Okay so I just thought of this idea....call me crazy, but what if we had someone create a mod to make the movement very similar to UT4....wall dodging, sliding etc...

I feel like there truly isn't a whole lot of new things happening other than improved graphics and few extra elements like wall dodging/walking and sliding...

I get how ut4 when launched will have a lot of momentum and support along with the novelty to create a strong and large community...my question is(other than the obvious new anti-cheat methods) what's stopping ut99 from being updated and doing the exact same thing that ut4 is doing?

Let me elaborate : create wall dodges, create sliding and voila, you have yourself a very solid UT4 game + the game doesn't require a beastly graphics card.

I feel like UT4 will be doomed by it's insane high performance requirements. I played it now for the past 3 weeks and all I keep thinking is what's so different about UT4 than UT99?

Now I understand UT4 is also in ALPHA stages and you can't compare a game in ALPHA to a game that's completed and finished...but literally they are playing the exact same maps in UT4 that they played in UT99-duku, mezmerize, sprinta, klondike, command ---all of the maps play out almost identical to the maps in UT99 except for the fact that everyone kinda sucks at UT4 right now so people are able to cap more flags at the moment. The game has an unnecessary requirement to the amount of hardware performance required to play it right now

I bet you if we created walldodge and slide, we would be able to get a bunch of players from UT4 alpha temporarily to start playing ut99...we basically have all the exact same maps as UT4....and + we have newnet which is 10x better than the netcode that they are using right now..

The only issue is getting an updated anti-cheat and bam, we got ourselves a competitive game all over again.

just a thought
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Re: UT4 and the potential for ut99

Postby unrealshots » Fri Apr 22, 2016 9:54 am

wait what :OWfacepalm:

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Re: UT4 and the potential for ut99

Postby PACO » Tue Apr 26, 2016 12:32 pm

I don't think UT needs wall jumps, slides, yada yada. None of those features make me want to play UT4. UT99 is still very fun but it's dated in the sense of how we organize games vs the mechanics themselves. This game needed critical mass to survive but everyone had different priorities and we are left with a fractured playerbase. I'm not interested in putting the pieces back together.
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