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Unreal Tournament Inis

Postby SJA94 » Thu May 12, 2016 9:48 pm

I've just upgraded the ini website, after a year of using the half finished design. This version is completely new, both frontend and backend.

Users can now post without registering, there is a limit of 5 posts an hour, I have to approve them before they are visible.

The site now uses open graph, and each download has their own meta tags, the biggest difference you will notice is if you post a link on facebook:

Here is what the old site looked like when it when a file was shared on facebook:


Here is what it now looks like(there is some text missing in the screenshot, but it is now fixed):

The new home page:

The new download page:

This will be the last update(6th version) to this website, unless unreal tournament activity picks up, which is unlikely.

If there are any broken downloads please tell me and i'll fix them.
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