Tournament Title

OCTOBER 5, 2014


KING OF THE GIB will be the inaugural tournament and it is scheduled for October 5th, 2014 at 2:30pm EST. It is an Unreal Tournament 99 Deathmatch blood bath using the InstaGib mutator with waves of elimination until only one player remains. The tournament will start with 160 players who are split into 16 groups of 10. The top 5 will advance in each heat through the tournament until the final heat where a winner will be crowned (160-80-40-20-10-1).

Each heat will be 15 minutes with no frag limit. Any tiebreakers will be determined by efficiency. The maplist will be set two weeks in advance and the order of the maps will be picked out of a hat by mrgrins a week in advance. The servers will be running newnet and as an added bonus, the fatboy mutator will also be running. Being skinny won't get you the winny.

While it is a competitive event, it is also a very fun one. Players of all skill levels are invited to join and to challenge themselves with how far they can go. For those eliminated in the first round, you will be joining 79 other players and exit knowing that you helped contribute to a massive tournament and supported your community.

The event will be covered on and we would love to see as many people out playing/watching/interacting as possible. Coverage will start at 2pm EST and we would like to see people checking into their heats 30-45 minutes in advance.

For any questions or to take in the pre-tourney hype, visit us here.